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Shopping for Life Insurance



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"No one needs to tell you why you need to have life insurance. But in addition to deciding on the coverage amount, you have to decide on whether to buy a whole life or term life policy. Whole life provides coverage for life and has an investing component that allows you to take a loan against the policy. The downside: Compared with term coverage, it's expensive. Term life provides coverage for a defined period of time- typically five, 10 or 20 years- without the investment and loan bells and whistles. To determine the right coverage, add up the income your family would need to cover ongoing expenses as long as they need it; the estimated cost of sending your kids to college; your debts; and final expenses at death. Then subtract savings, college funds and other life insurance policies. Finally, adjust the amount to reflect your situation." - The Kiplinger Letter, February 2020

We do the work for you when it comes to shopping for life insurance. We'll make sure all of your objectives are met and shop the best coverages at the best rates to ensure your loved ones are protected.